Friday, February 25, 2011

Need for SPEED....makes my heart race!

I've been in love many times before...[with cars that is...] ;) My very first car was a 1990 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight, it was my dad's car and I loved it. It was roomy, comfy and fit all my friends in it! I'll have to dig up an old pic of that car. The first car I bought was a 1998 Honda CR-V...oh how I loved that car!! Too bad it was stolen from me a couple years back or else I would still own that car. I'm definitely a Honda girl. I currently own a 2005 Ford Explorer it was a blessing we received after my husband's car was stolen...well that is a whole other blog..haha!
So, I love fast cars, I love old cars and new cars. I tend to fall easily for old cars though, here are a few I've seen lately and I had to pull over and get a picture on my nifty HTC Sense phone!
I can't help but to stare, they are so full of class and beauty. Maybe you can relate with me. Classic cars just seem to be like a rare treasure, like a diamond that is laying in the sand! second love (after my CR-V) was a Lexus IS 300, I actually almost purchased one a couple years ago but it wasn't economical for me at the time :( I always said I would get one after I graduated college but then they came out with a newer version of the car and I didn't like it as that was the end of that debate.

More recently I have fallen for another car [THE CHALLENGER SRT8] Oh my!! Is that car beautiful or what?!! Here are some sexy pics:

That definitely is a beautiful backside! ;) One day I will own you!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Luxury of GRACE

There is something particular to Christianity above any other religion...that is GRACE!
I have come to understand a lot more about the subject of "GRACE."
That word has such a loose connotation, because many think that it allows us the freedom to "live as we please" and still live under God's blessing. That is not the fact, it is actually an opportunity to have a second chance when we have failed or missed the mark. That is what sin is- missing the mark. But God sent Jesus to us so that we would have the opportunity to repent [meaning to conscientiously turn away from our sin, and live differently].

As Christians we think that we have it easier since we "live under grace" sometimes we can find ourselves trying to create a "Do's and Dont's" list of Christianity when the reality is that we need to be led by the Holy Spirit.
What exactly does that mean?
It means that we need to live as children of God not subjected to the law.
The law does not have the power to save us, it only has the power to point out our wrongs to us. Jesus came to fulfill the law.
I can no longer be satisfied by doing enough to please God or doing enough to get by.
That is not truly living out your faith.
If we are truly in love with God then we don't need a rule book on how to live our lives, the guidance of the Spirit leads us!

Monday, February 21, 2011

What if...continued...

A couple months back...I was able to hear Erwin McManus speak at Southeastern University [my alma mater =D] and each time I hear him I am inspired with his word...This particular time he spoke so simple and yet so powerful! He spoke about our need for one another...The fact that God created us for relationship with people and how we need each other to fulfill the destiny we have been created for. It's so true because sometimes we can be so selfish by shutting others out and saying we don't need them but the truth is that we do...we need relationship...we need each other. By rejecting others we are rejecting God...OUCH!
Learn to love and grow from the people in your life. Here are some pictures of what was posted all over campus that evening...Be inspired...

My DREAM shoes!

Blue Satin Manolo Blahniks!! Yes the very same ones worn in Sex & the City! That is my absolute favorite color that beautiful blue! [I secretly would love to be a shoe designer some day]
Nothing would make me happier than owning these shoes!

Carrie wore them in the movie the day she 'actually' tied the knot.
On another note I did love her first wedding attempt....

I am a huge Sex & the City fan for the friendship, entertainment, the city and of course the ATTIRE! I loved Carrie's wedding day pick! It was funky and well accessorized..

The new Black Eyed Peas (Boom Boom POW)

A night of entertainment at Ripley's Believe It or Not - in San Antonio, TX
We met the new "Black Eyed Peas" LOL...Enjoy!

Yellow is my dominant color!

Yesterday I decided to be a little colorful with my Sunday attire and together with my very cool HTC Sense phone, picture editing is fun! Here are a few of the pictures I took and edited on my phone...just for fun!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

a "WICKED" Valentine's Day

This Valentine's day was exceptional! My husband is usually pretty creative but this year he managed to get me teary-eyed..[Which not normal for me]...but I loved my gift and his creativity...I will have to post the video he made me later but for know some pics of the decor..
The last gift for Valentine's day had to wait until Friday [but it was so worth it]...We bought tickets to see the off Broadway show WICKED! I loved the story and the dancers..My favorite song was 'Defying Gravity'it was a great show and had some good comedy too!
The Majestic Theater in downtown San Antonio was beautiful too [I believe it is one of the oldest in the city] It was gorgeous!
Here are the pics.... Enjoy!


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