Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Antique shops!

Have I mentioned that I LOVE Austin, Texas!!! Hahaha, I've made so many trips there lately. The city is just so amazing! Full of fun, art, food, shopping.....you get it! So our last trip there consisted of vintage & antique shopping. Oh my did I fully enjoy that?!!! :D 
The city has their own vintage around town guide where it maps out all the vintage/antique stores for you & it's impossible to go through all of them thoroughly in one day (there are about 30+ stores). 
Here are just a few pictures of some of the lovely stores we visited. 


Cutest candy store ever! 
I used to love these as a kid ;)

Just love this wall!
Super 8 camera!
Can I have this hair dryer...please?
Games galore!
love these old skates
Vintage hat heaven!
yes I'll take them all! 
my favorite piece.....a record player (drooling)

I definitely stared at this for a while....love!
this belongs in my house!

And of course, no trip to Austin is ever complete without visiting Hey Cupcake & Home Slice Pizza every time we visit, we must go eat at these two places. DELICIOUS YUMMINESS!!!  

Friday, February 24, 2012


I've been wanting to spruce up my lil nest for quite some time now! I've had a few fun projects going on and wanted to show you all! :D I'm so excited for any free time that I have to work on projects. So a few weeks ago as I was leaving for work, I noticed that my neighbor was throwing away this cute lil table. Right away I called my hubs and begged him to go and snatch it from the trash man. At first, he refused, but with a lil begging he caved! When I got home that night this lil beauty was waiting for me in the garage (unpainted and sad looking). All I needed to do was paint it. I was so excited. At first I thought white was a good color but once I thought of where I wanted it, I decided an 'eggshell yellow' was its destiny!

top left: its initial look, right picture: in progress, bottom left: finished product!
[Don't mind that oil stained garage floor...yuck!]

 The 2nd project was this old headboard we've had it for 2 years now and all along I had plans to paint it.
Finally came the moment to do so....my hubs did all the hard work.  I loved it! 
I still want to add some paint designs to it, but not sure what else I want just yet.

A peek at what the table looks like in the corner of my room....not quite done with the whole look but I'm so happy with the way that the table turned out. 
I just love all the fun duck tape.... gonna post a project
with these beauties soon.
So it all began at the depot!
A little paint....some elbow grease to sand it down and voilĂ ! Done!
Hope you are inspired to 'pretty up' your nest!


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Well...Hello there!?!

It's been so long since I last blogged...I've become a workaholic :( and all I have time for is work and sleep.  So....I believe that last time I left off with some adventures left to unravel. Last month I went with some great friends and my hubs to a race car experience called On Track Xperience and it was so much fun. These lil cars go so fast! I had a death grip on the wheel the entire time...haha...no lie. But I really enjoyed myself and I know my hubs did too. That's best part, seeing him excited like a lil kid, haha. Well here are some pics of the evening's adventures.

Life is too short, sometimes it's necessary to speed a little every now and again.



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