Monday, July 23, 2012

Sunday Love! {my first outfit post!}

I never do outfit posts but they look so much why not?! This dress....I just adore!! I bought it last week at a new vintage store in town. They had a great Groupon deal and a few of my good friends told me about it so we bought the Groupon and went shopping! Lucky me, we caught some excellent deals. The shop owner actually makes most of the clothes herself so you know that they are one of a kind pieces. I had so much fun putting it all together. Look!
Top left: belt, dress, and jewelry - Thrifted
Top right: bracelets made by me! - ThingsMadeLovely
Bottom left: Fuschia Heels - Skechers
Bottom right: Hair candy made by ThingsMadeLovely
Baby bump!
Proud momma to be!
Necklace: Forever 21
Lip gloss: (Part of my monthly Birchbox sample & LOVE IT!) Stila Lip gloss

Tell me what you think about my first outfit post!?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Good Eats makes a happy lady!

One of the strangest things about my pregnancy, so far, is that I haven't had any unusual cravings. On a normal basis, I crave weird things ALL THE TIME and I eat anything and everything but since I've become pregnant food really hasn't been my favorite. 
This has been an interesting pregnancy change for me. 
So when my appetite is good I make sure to eat good!! 
Here are some of the yummy things I have enjoyed lately:

Greek Food!

Puerto Rican Food!

Chinese food! Yummy lettuce wraps & rice!

Snacks that I keep handy ;) 

Indian food! MMMMM!

Cajun food!

Vietnamese food!

Bobba tea!

What's your favorite food to eat?


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Gender Reveal Baby Shower!! [behind the scenes/how to]

Hello again!
I've been so busy working but I really wanted to share some behind the scene details from my Gender Reveal baby shower last month. I had never been to one but I really wanted a fun creative way to share the news with everyone I love, especially because our family is in other states. So I did some research.... First of all, keeping the secret was a killer! No Lie! I hate keeping surprises like that from people. I'm one of those people that can't even buy a gift early b/c I want to give it to the person already! But, I was surprised I kept the secret well and didn't tell anyone. YAY me!  
So I started by picking colors that I wanted (which was difficult, I changed my mind a million times). 
I knew I wanted a bird & birdcage theme just because I love them both, so that was easy.

My bestie and my sister in law took all my ideas and perfected them. They did such a beautiful job that I literally cried as I walked into my shower and saw how lovely everything looked. 
I could not have pulled off a more perfect baby shower. I was so grateful to them!!!
So here are some of the pics I have gathered from others from my shower.
[many more to come]

I knew I wanted to have people guess what we were having so I had team boy and team girl:
I handmade bows for people to wear! 

I bought some cheap frames from Goodwill and we painted the glass with chalkboard paint. 

the process of crafting

I bought mustaches from the dollar store 
this was our 'pick your guess' table
gifts were below

I don't like pastel colors at all so I made my colors raspberry pink, dark blue and yellow!

Table decor!

Ok, so the most challenging part was thinking of how to do the big reveal. I researched and researched how others had done it. Some ideas were to make a cake or certain foods in pink or blue then when you slice the cake or take a bite of the food you can see the color and know if it's a girl or boy. Other ideas were to fill a box with balloons in the gender color or fill a piƱata with candy of the gender colors. Although I liked those ideas I still kept thinking because I really wanted our parents to be the ones to spill the beans. So, I finally came up with my own idea and I must say it worked so well. I bought little girl clothes, shoes and socks...put them in bags and let our parents open it in front of everyone. That moment was so emotional and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Everyone was yelling and screaming [and I was crying] it truly was perfect. So if you are planning a gender reveal baby shower I would say DO it! Have fun with it and let your creativity flow. I don't regret a single moment of it. I'll add the very emotional video at the end of this post. Oh, and we also played a fun 'Old Wives tale' game which I found online here. According to the game I was having a girl....interesting, maybe old wives tales aren't just old wives tales, haha!

the moment! 

 ...Lovely details...

birdcages from Hobby Lobby

pictures of my pregnancy from month to month are in the background

Thanks to these websites for great ideas for my party: HWTM, and of course Pinterest! 

Here is the moment captured on video!



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