Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Life lately...

Life Lately....
Baby News! We are approximately 3 weeks away from D-day. I can hardly believe it. My lil one is growing, stretching and kicking. I'm so excited to finally meet her very soon. Weekly appointments are under way and we get to see her in sonograms. It's so cute to see her little face and arms, etc. Her room is being prepared and after 2 wonderful baby showers we have so many things for her already. Our baby is blessed. I've begun washing her clothes and packing her hospital bag. YAY! Her name has been decided and we are in love with it...... check out how we announced it to our family! 

Washing her laundry and getting her room ready!

Daddy getting her bassinet ready!

Her expected arrival! 

Family! My dad and uncle came to visit me and it was such a delight! I actually got to take my dad to a Marc Anthony concert!! So much fun...I'll need to post videos and pics of that later. Anyhow, I love having family visit it's refreshing.
My daddy still buys me treats! 

Us at the Alamo!

Current Reads! Of course pregnancy books... Supernatural Pregnancy by Jackie Mize, What to expect when you're expecting by Heidi Murkoff 

Music! I love the new album by Maroon 5 called Overexposed! Marc Anthony has been on my current playlist as well. 

Movies! I recently saw 'A little bit of Heaven' on Netflix and it was pretty good. Sad movie but I liked it. I also watched the movie 'What to expect when you're expecting' it wasn't as good as I had expected but it had its funny moments. I loved the 'Amazing Spiderman' great movie!  

Work! I'm winding down to the last days of work but I'm keeping busy and making money until the last moment possible. I really think that the time I am out on maternity leave that I am going to miss my job and co-workers but it will be well worth it to be with my lil one!

Current Favorites! Sleeping....grilled cheese sandwiches....chocolate chip cookies.....the smell of my daughter's freshly washed clothes....being in bed watching tv/movies for hours....house projects & re-decorating....laying still and feeling my precious bundle of joy kick & move....seeing my husband's reaction as he feels her move.....having my belly and feet rubbed!



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