Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A precious package has arrived!

Great news!!! My little angel is finally here!
A week ago today I was able to experience the most beautiful thing in the world! Child birth! My precious daughter Zariah Isabel was born on October 16th at 12:08am and weighed 6lbs 14oz. Boy has my life changed already! It's the sweetest thing to fall in love with such a little person that is completely dependent on me. The whole experience was amazing. I was in labor for about 9 hours but the truly serious part of labor lasted just under 3 hours...I was so blessed to have a quick, natural delivery. And now just a week later I have to say that besides the lack of sleep I feel great! My favorite thing to do is hold my baby girl and smell her! I'm so blessed!
Becoming a parent is an experience like no other and I'm so glad to be able to have become someone's "momma."

Friday, October 12, 2012

Birchbox {September 2012}

Birchbox! I just got into this a couple of months ago. It's really a great way to sample & discover all kinds of products from health & beauty to lifestyle and everything in between. I've even received yummy nutrition bars in my Birchbox package (food samples?? that makes me even happier...hahaha!)
Anyhow, I've been wanting to do a mini product review each month and always forget but before I open my October box, I wanted to share my thoughts on September's goodies.

Color Club [Polish] In blue! First of all, I love the color blue and I love nail polish...that was just love at first sight. I was very pleased with this sample. The color looked great on and it lasted a good couple of days. I highly  recommend this product. See picture below.
They even had a fun Chevron nail DIY on the Birchbox website you can see here

Jouer [Matte Moisture Tint] I have never tried any kind of moisturizing tint before so I was glad to try one. I liked the way that it went on, it didn't feel like I was wearing a lot of make-up, and it went on smooth ans blended well. The smell was clean, which I really liked. This product is definitely going in my hospital bag so that when I pop my lil one out I can get a quick refreshed look for pictures. I highly recommend trying this one.

Kate Spade [Twirl] At this point in my pregnancy perfume has become difficult to wear because they all seem to strong for me. However, I still tried it and the smell is great! If I had to describe the smell, it's sort of a after the rain, fresh, spring smell. I recommend giving it a try.

An Apothecary [Soy Body Whip in poppy] I rubbed this all over my big pregnant belly, haha! Not only does it smell good but it has a nice shine to it. It wasn't oily or goopy. It was a great moisturizer and it lasted pretty much all day. I definitely recommend it.

Twistband [lace hair tie] The concept behind the twistband is pretty meets sporty & it's gentle on hair without leaving dents. That is definitely true of this product and I really liked it, besides it looks cute on your wrist when you're not using it. The downside of it for me was that it started to look worn out after a few uses. It faded and lost it's pretty color, that made me sad. Other than that I would definitely recommend it.

Hollywood Fashion Tape This is definitely a quick fix it for all your wardrobe needs. I have used this in the past to hem pants, to keep a shirt closed in the front and to hold undergarments in place. I highly recommend it for purchase.

Also  in the box was a bonus $25 off a purchase of $75 or more at Madewell I didn't use it but I definitely took a look see around the website and their clothes are super cute (not very budget friendly though).

Hope you enjoyed my product review! Have a nice weekend!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Projects & Painting!!

It's true we are approximately 6 days away from the expected arrival of our little one! Setting up for her grand appearance has taken priority the last few days especially since I'm home now. So I have some projects to share. I have letters that I'll be hanging around her room and I really enjoyed painting them. It was pretty fun! I bought these letters at Hobby Lobby they are made of thick cardboard. Then on the back I glued felt loops in order to be able to hang them.

I used them, as is, for my recent baby shower.
Decoration was courtesy of my friend!
I also had the wooden letters " Z & I" that were given to me by a friend!

So I had my husband spray paint them all. 

Then I added my own touch to the letters using some white paint, a circular sponge brush and regular paint brush.

I'm pretty happy with the final result. I'll post pics of the final nursery details when its all finished! I'm so excited for that but my poor feet can only handle so much decorating daily. I have to take breaks often. 

I'll also be adding this flag banner to her room...my sweet friend made this for me! 

Hope your inspired to get creative, get crafty and decorate your own space.


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Lovely Day!

Oh my is the weather today amazing!! It's 59 degrees outside and I am loving it. Fall is here!
Watching football, eating and relaxing at home with the windows open makes for a perfect day with this weather. I'm officially on maternity leave so it's nice to be home and enjoy the day. 
I feel like this weather inspires me to do more around the house. I just love it. 
So I did a final countdown picture...it's approximately 1 week until our lil girl makes her appearance. 
I must say anticipation is high and I cant wait to meet the lil bun in my oven :) 

The weekend is for enjoying...hope you're doing just that! 



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