Friday, November 30, 2012

GIGANTES Tour {with Marc Anthony}

I love Marc Anthony's music! I was so worried that I would miss his appearance in San Antonio but I was able to get tickets just a week or two before he was here in town back in September. I got to take my dad with me and he thoroughly enjoyed it. It was the GIGANTES Tour so Chayanne, Marc Anthony and Marco Antonio Solis were the main events. I've never been to a concert like it before. Although Marc Anthony wasn't the main course, I enjoyed the whole shebang! 

He was the opener of the evening and did a great job. He's so energetic, funny and entertaining. His dancers were amazing and complimented his performance very well. I thoroughly enjoyed his set. 
I'd love to see him again in concert any day! 

Here's a little piece of Chayanne ;)

Marc Anthony!
He is my favorite spanish music singer. His music is just so distinct and full of talent. I literally could listen to his music all day on repeat. I have had all his cd's at one time or another. Maybe it's because I am Puerto Rican as well but he really is a talented artist and I will take advantage to see him in concert whenever I am given a chance to. 

Here is one of my favorite moments of the evening.....Marc Anthony & Chayanne sing together!

Marco Antonio Solis!
He ended the evening with an upbeat set. I've never heard his music before and although his style is much different than what I am used to hearing, I enjoyed it. He had great dancers and he's very energetic as well. Of course they ended the evening by bringing back Marc Anthony and Chayanne together with Marco Antonio, it really was one of the best concerts I had ever been to and I am so glad I attended. 

Hope you enjoyed this lil glimpse of talent!


Monday, November 26, 2012

Fall is amazing!

Hey there! It's fall time in the city! I just can't get enough of the cool weather. It makes me appreciate everything I have just a little more. The smell of cold air just fills me with joy. Holiday parties and being surrounded by friends and family makes this lovely lady so happy! What's your favorite thing to do in the fall season? I enjoy baking and cooking new recipes and I've had a lot more time to do so lately. I've been so wrapped up in loving and kissing on my little baby all day (and I love it!) We go for strolls in the neighborhood and enjoy mommy & baby time together. Could this season be any better? I'm so thankful for it all! God bless you all. Enjoy the perfect weather and the family time. Take some time to hug, kiss and cuddle your lil ones. That's what makes Happy Holidays!!


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