Friday, February 15, 2013

New Beginnings indeed!

It's no doubt that each year always brings newness. Today I'm so grateful for new beginnings! The past 12 months have been a whirlwind of an adventure! This time last year I was just learning about my surprise pregnancy, trying to wrap my head around the idea of becoming a mom. Then after 40 weeks of pregnancy, came the new adventure of being a mom.

(Side note: being a mom truly has no measure or comparison to explain the thrill that is.)

Now after 4 months of adjusting to motherhood comes a new surprise..... Our little family is relocating to St. Louis Missouri in just a couple of weeks....YAY! I'm so stinkin' excited that I hardly believe it myself. Hubs got a job offer that we simply couldn't refuse and the best part is that I'll be able to be a SAHM now. I'm ecstatic at the thought of being at home with my lil one. I miss her dearly when I'm away from her because of work and this is such a huge blessing for us.
So in the next few weeks keep us in your prayers as we transition into God's next best for us. I do not know how he does it but God truly amazes me daily.

So here we go....from San Antonio to St. Louis!

I'm very grateful for new beginnings.


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