Monday, May 20, 2013

Birthday Celebrations!

Happy Birthday to me!!! Last week was such a wonderful week of celebrations, from my first Mother's day to my 31st birthday. I had such a great week of celebrating life and family. Although most of my loved ones are miles away they always seem to make me feel so special by sending me text messages, lovely packages in the mail and meaningful cards. I just my family. 

I was excited to see a Mets game since my daddy is a huge fan. YAY!

Yummy red velvet cake from Red Robin :) I just love their fries.

My momma sent me this delicious bouquet of fruit! 

I had such a great week and I'm so grateful for all the week continued with a wonderful massage and vintage/antique shopping in another part of town here. {Discovering my new town has been such a thrill} Then the weekend ended with visiting our science center here in St. Louis, it was nice to see my little one so thrilled about seeing new things. 

Hope your week was lovely. Here's to a new week. Love to you all!
p.s. my little one is starting to crawl  ::::EXCITEMENT all AROUND:::

Other weekly happenings:

 ...wonderful mail day... walks...

 the science center pretties: vintage cameras & old/new music devices...just interesting to compare

a pretty flower that my hunny picked for me from our yard

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Lovely Sunday dress up!

I love Sundays for many reasons but one of my favorite things about it, is dressing up for church!

This outfit was worn a few weeks ago...In order of appearance 
Shoes: thrifted
Skirt :thrifted
Necklace: Modcloth
Shirt: thrifted
Jacket: thrifted
Ring: made by me, it was an old brooch that I thrifted and turned into a ring (cheap & cute) 
Belt: thrifted

I hadn't realized until then, that many of my most favorite items were thrifted.
Love to you all.

My very 1st Mother's Day

What a special new holiday to me!
I was so grateful to actually be able to participate in the Mother's Day celebration with all the wonderful momma's around the globe. Last year I was an expectant mother but WOW did time fly. Now I have a 7 month old and I just can't believe it. She's amazing in every way. I'm certain that all momma's feel the same way but I am truly grateful for my blessings! Since hubby slacked on the gift I wanted (hehe BOYS!) it was sold out so he gave me the option of choosing a present. So naturally I decided to give him baby/diaper duty all weekend. That worked out well. Momma got the weekend off (sorta) and I had time to bake a new macaroon recipe, clean the entire house and give myself a manicure & pedicure all in one day. Then Saturday I got to spend the day shopping  which is fun for any girl! I got treated to lunch and Starbucks, the weather so beautiful that I felt like I was on vacation. 
And finally Sunday I woke up to sweet love notes all over the house from daddy & Zariah. I enjoyed the day, went to church and got treated to dinner & frozen yogurt! A perfect way to spend the weekend. 
I can't complain. 
I'm blessed!

 Cocoa Hazelnut Macaroons! Yum! I will share the recipe soon, I promise.

My handmade card from my lil sweetheart. Love it! 

Dessert & Dinner!! :)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dinner is served...

I really am such a foodie, I love to experiment and try new things all the time. Now being a SAHM I have the time to do so. Sometimes it works in my favor and other times......not so much. But at least I try, even if the evening ends up with me popping a frozen pizza in the oven to save us all.
I think I attempt to make Asian food at least once a week now, ha! I still haven't perfected it but I'm certain I will! My poor husband is always the guinea pig.
At my last attempt we had egg drop soup (I added chicken for a little extra flavor) & fried rice also with chicken. I sometimes think that I should have been Asian because I crave all those yummy foods so often. I think that this particular evening dinner was yummy but that's just my opinion.....

I found a very simple Egg drop soup recipe here
I didn't have white pepper so I used black pepper and I also added some soy sauce to the mix.

I found this very simple recipe for using leftover rice here, of course I didn't add the carrots or green peppers and I added eggs, but that was just a personal preference. 

These were such quick and easy ideas and I just had to share...that's the best part of it. 

What's one of your favorite Asian meals?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Snow in the springtime....oh yes!

{From the first day we moved to Missouri}

So I hear that it's still snowing in parts of the US [even just a couple hours away from me]......WHAT??!! It's MAY! Geeeesh!
A couple of weeks ago I was rolling around in 15 inches of now...on Palm Sunday actually. I was so thrilled to wake up and see that it was snowing. I thought "how exciting?!!" After living in Florida for so many years, you never see snow. And then I lived in Texas where it doesn't snow ever, except for one freakishly cold February morning back in 2011, which I took full advantage of. Anyways, I haven't lived up north since I was a little girl so snow is just amazing to me. My fellow Missouri friends didn't feel the same way, but I enjoyed it. I was thrilled because it was springtime and it SNOWED! Ahhhhhh! I felt like the luckiest girl ever. Naturally, I played in it like a child, while everyone else was out shoveling snow I was jumping around in it, haha! That's how I do.

Warm coke? Not a problem anymore

The beginning of that beautiful day!

The church parking lot
My first time driving in the snow & I got stuck coming up our driveway :(
The beautiful tree in front of my house.

I couldn't have been happier.



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