Sunday, October 6, 2013

Nursery Room tour

i absolutely LOVE my daughter's room it's so peaceful. i am constantly redecorating it but that is ok, it's my right, ha! when I was pregnant and started looking for nursery ideas I knew I wanted neutral colors that were bright, calm and clean looking. i didn't want loud, dark or bold. i finally settled on white, grey and yellow before I knew that I was having a girl. of course the pink gifts were inevitable and most of them were adorable so I used them in decor and i think it worked out well. originally I had a beautiful yellow tree with birds behind the crib but since we moved and I had to take down the wall decal it wasn't reusable. it was so pretty though, I miss it.
so...thought i'd do a tour of it just for fun. Enjoy!

{the 4 walls}


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Love & obedience

that SKY!
heard a great sermon tonight on love & obedience that really humbled me: in order to truly love God, we must know Him, not just know of Him. there's a big difference. how can we say we are God's people but we don't love like Him. Jesus told Peter "if you love me, then feed my sheep." sometimes we get so wrapped up in ourselves that we don't even take care of what God has given us (our children, our spouse, our families, our homes, our jobs....) putting ourselves first is never the right answer. Love God by Loving His people. be committed. be honorable.
when it comes to obedience we have a lot to learn. It's like a child that has been given specific rules which are expected to be followed.  if we don't follow the rules to the "t" then we shouldn't expect to reap the rewards/benefits that we are looking for.  It's quite the same with our Lord. if we don't obey Him how can we expect the answers to prayer or the benefits that we want? then we get angry and say that God doesn't hear us. well he's not a request line that we call only when we have a need. 
let him work on your inside today.


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