Tuesday, December 3, 2013

easy peach COBBLER

The yummiest, easiest peach cobbler EVER... no lie.
4 ingredients
30 minutes 
chow time
I got this recipe from my organic baby cookbook and it's a recipe the whole family will enjoy
(even my hubby ate it)

Want to know how?
All you will need is canned peaches or fresh peaches.
If they are fresh, just peel & cut 3 good sized peaches in half
(I used a loaf pan to bake because I didn't need to make a lot, so
if you want to make more then just double the recipe)
So I had 6 halves, I layed the peaches down in the pan, 
sprinkled about a tablespoon of cinnamon across the top,
then sprinkle about a tablespoon of brown sugar across the top of the peaches,
then take 2+ shortbread cookies, crumble them and sprinkle on top until you've got a good layer
Bake for 30 minutes at 350
let it cool and ENJOY!

I bought a jar of peaches & a box of shortbread cookies from Trader Joe's (my favorite grocery store)




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