Friday, June 27, 2014

Are you the commitment type?

Hi there! I have some exciting things going on lately, like, recently becoming a Beachbody coach! YAY! So that means lots more healthy recipes, ideas, posts and info on how to change your life for the better. 
Regardless, this is my space to talk about everything I love.

I have just been thinking about how easy it is to say "YES" but how hard it is to actually commit to a routine. It's almost like have your future all mapped from the start. And so, your happily ever after begins. You're so certain that everything is going to be smooth sailing, I mean, really what could go wrong when you are madly in love? But when hard days come, and indeed they will, what will you hold on to? Some people choose to cling harder to their partner and persevere together, while others choose to give up on their parnters altogether. Likewise, when it comes to working out....get EXCITED, but please STAY EXCITED! Remember why you started. Don't ever let a busy week or a bad day deter you from continuing on. Don't give up! The harder you push the more you'll see that you want to be better and stronger than you have been. I have always tried to commit to a workout routine and eventually fell off but this year that changed. Since January of this year (2014) after responding "yes" to an nvitation from a dear friend of mine, I joined my very first challenge group and that is where it all began for me. It's been a rough 6 months but I love it and now I am a coach, inspiring others daily. I never thought this would be a journey that I would be excited for but I believe in it, I believe in BeachBody and now I believe in myself. All it takes is a little bit of commitment and a whole lot of consistency. You can be the greatest you that you have ever been.
I made a decision.
I am commited.
I am succeeding.

Are you ready to decide, commit and succeed?


Friday, June 13, 2014

Encouragement from Paul to the church

A little encouragement from Paul in  Philippians 3:14 - 21
In my interpretation this is what he's telling the church:
I'm pushing through the obstacles towards my prize which is heaven, where I want to be, & Christ has made a place for me. All of us who understand the true purpose of our walk need to look at things in this perspective, be heaven minded! And if any of you lose focus God can get you back on track. Let us continue to keep up the pace and live worthy of the life we are called to & not fall back into evil. What we have already achieved live up to that as you press on and press forward. See my example, live that way too and keep your eyes on others that live right. It breaks my heart to see those who live and direct discord with God those who do not make Him known him or reverence his sacrifice, they don't take hold of the power that it has, they live as if what Christ did means nothing to them. Sadly, the Bible says that they are enemies of God. (An enemy is someone who is actively opposed to someone or something.)  
Their end will be ruins, their focus is on things that will waste away. But we have set our hearts on heaven, we have made that our home, our place of belonging, our final destination, we have been stamped with the citizenship of heaven. We believe that our Savior is coming back for us and we wait for his return. We believe that God has given him the power to rescue us from our sinful nature and transform us to heavenly glory. Amen!
I'm loving my new devotional it's really helping me to dig deep in my spiritual walk. 


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