Wednesday, August 20, 2014

be proud of your failures

Let's talk about failure....
It's rough.
It's tough.
It can beat you down.
It makes you feel weak, unworthy, incapable and washed out.
That is N O T true.
On the opposite side it means that you have tried.
Failure doesn't feel good but it sure means something good.
It can build us up stronger, tougher and bolder than we have ever been.
It is not just a setback, it is a reminder that what you tried didn't work...BUT...don't give up.
Don't give in to the false satisfaction of mediocrity.
You were created to shine, so do just that.
Be bold.
Laugh at your past failures.
Thank those experiences for showing you that you were capable of trying.
Then, crush your goals and create the future that you really want or need.
Try harder.

Did you know:
-Oprah Winfrey was fired from one of her first jobs because she was "unfit for TV."
-Walt Disney was fired by a newspaper editor because "he lacked imagination and had no good ideas."
-Before J.K. Rowling had any "Harry Potter" success, the writer was a divorced singled mother on welfare struggling to get by.
-The first time the young comedian, Jerry Seinfeld, walked on stage at a comedy club, he looked out at the audience, froze and was eventually booed off stage.

-Before landing "I Love Lucy," Lucille Ball was widely regarded as a failed actress.
-Fred Astaire was noted, "Can't act. Can't sing. Slightly bald. Can dance a little."
-Steven Spielberg was rejected from the University of Southern California School of Theater, Film and Television three times.
After being cut from his high school basketball team, a young Michael Jordan went home and cried in the privacy of his bedroom.
Steve Jobs was a college dropout, a fired tech executive and an unsuccessful businessman.
Jimmy Denny, manager of the Grand Ole Opry, fired Elvis Presley after just one performance telling him, "You ain't goin' nowhere, son. You ought to go back to drivin' a truck."
Read more here

Sometimes it's a matter of the right timing, but failure is not final. 
It is a refiner. 
What have you failed at that you believed you were supposed to do? 
(wow! as I wrote that last sentence I was literally reminded of something that I gave up on) this is a challenge for me too.
I'd love to hear how this post inspires you.

Contact me and tell me.
Can I help you meet a goal? Email me at, I want to hear your story.

Try it! 
I dare you to go out and fail. 
I guarantee it will bring you one step closer to your desired goal.
Want to chat about this more? Message me.
You are a winner that was created by the hand of the Master. 
Let His light shine through you.


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

What can 3 days do for you?


What can 3 days really do for you?
I'll tell you.
It can help you break some bad habits.
It can put you in the right direction towards weight loss. 
It can help you drop some pounds and even some inches.

I tried this 3 day refresh last week and was impressed with the results. 
I lost 3 pounds and 3 inches. I definitely was encouraged to drink more water (I am always working on that). 
I liked that, literally, every hour your eating, drinking tea, or having a shake. 
The average that people have lost on this program is 3 lbs but some people have lost even as much as 9lbs! That was enough to convince me to try it. Plus, I've never done anything like this and really wanted the first hand experience.
It's definitely not a starvation diet/cleanse. 
It alkalinizes your body and rids your body of toxins.
It rids your body of the acid and that's why people lose weight.
It sets you up for your next phase.
It's a quick fix to kick start you in the right direction.
With this program you can customize it to you. (Pick the recipes you like, the flavor of Shakeology that you want and your options of tea or coffee.)
You don't need any other vitamin supplements because it literally has all the vitamins you need with the vanilla refresh that's included. 
There is a fiber sweep included but it's not one of those dangerous ones that you have to hang out by the toilet (hehehe!) but its gentle and it tasted good. 
Even now after I've done the refresh I'm still using the recipes with my meals. 

I recommend it.
I think it works just like it says that it should.
It's not long and drawn out either, it's short, sweet and to the point.
It was so worth it. 
It's a great price. 
Now I want to try the Ultimate Reset which is a 21 day body reset program. 
Beachbody seriously amazes me with their products all the time. 
If you're interested just ask me how! or just click here
*also Beachbody has a money back guarantee with all of their products. That speaks volumes for me!*
Just try it!

Thanks for taking some time to read my thoughts.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Why Shakeology?

I began drinking shakeology 2 months ago!
At first I complained about the price.
Then I became a coach and I must say that as a coach I get a generous discount. 
Anyhow, I thought I'd share my results thus far.

- my face looks the best it has ever looked
- my hair looks better than ever
- I have had the most energy that I've ever head E V E R! (that makes sense just go with it)
- my nails are long and strong
- my body recovers from those difficult workouts faster
- my body just feels better
- I definitely don't crave all the junk that I used to
- my body literally wants more nutrient rich food (seriously, who am I?)
- it fills me up for a good 2-3 hours or so (that's a miracle for me!) 

So what's Shakeology you ask? It's only the healthiest meal of my day. If I read off the ingredient list to you and told you everything that was in a single delicious shake you would not even Bellevue me, also the fact that there are NO artificial sweetness in it. I mentioned earlier that I complained about the price. I thought I could outsmart the system and find a shake that was just as great but cheaper (as you can see I didn't succeed because it lead me right back to ShakeO) and I even bought one that was on sale at GNC for $13. I thought it was a score. Then I read the label and saw that sucralose was on the label. Just a quick side notes sucralose is chlorinated sugar, your boy doesn't even know what to do with it and those are the things that can turn into to cancer within our bodies and there are other ingredients in it linked to cancer (for more details you can read about it in this article). Anyhow, back to my story. Once i discover more about this dangerous chemical I instantly threw that bag of powder away! It's not worth it.

One of the major reasons why I began drinking Shakeology was to get my husband on board with it. He doesn't eat veggies, he doesn't like them and he won't budge on that. Now in the mornings when I make my ShakeO I will fix him one too and I feel better knowing that he has so many delicious nutrients (and veggies) going into his body.

I'm a believer. I drink my ShakeO daily. No question about it.

Here's a fun video to help you understand a little bit better! 

Make today great!


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