Monday, May 11, 2015

Drawing me closer

For Mother's Day weekend I've been treated so well by my husband and daughter that I couldn't help but reflect on how undeserving I am. God has REALLY blessed me.  These kinds of celebrations always get my deep thoughts rolling, so here goes.......
The last few months have been full of miracles to say the least. 
We've experienced many "small" prayers answered in HUGE ways. 
We joined in on an incredible journey of fasting with our church back in January and I believe that set the tone for our supernatural year. 
I went to God with my "list of petitions" only to find out that what I really wanted was more of Him and more of His presence working in my life.
My pastor said something that was so simple but changed my life.
He was asked about how he prayed and his answer was "I don't pray to get answers. I pray to know God better."
Isn't that just genius? LOL! 
That's the whole point, to know our maker more, right?
But, all I ever did was immediately run through all my lists of "God please fix this or provide for that...." 
We all do, I suppose.
But this was it.
This was what I really wanted, a better relationship with God.
Don't get me wrong, all the answered prayers are necessary and wanted as well BUT they are secondary to K N O W I N G God.
The more we know Him the more we know His will, we know how to pray and we develop this unshakeable, unmovable peace. It's as if all your bills were paid off and you had lots of money in the bank you'd have a strong financial foundation and you'd have stability, right?
It's the same with God. He has EVERY THING that we could possibly need to win life's battles, yet we seem at a loss for direction. Why?
Because we haven't heard from Him.
We haven't spent time seeking His plan.
We spend more time presenting our lists/needs/wants before Him.
It's quite frankly a little disrespectful, as a parent I would be upset with my daughter if she ran up to someone asking them for something with out even saying "hello" "how are you?" "what can I do for you?" Now my daughter is too young to greet people in such a manner but when she's old enough I will expect her to use proper manners with an adult. 
You understand what I'm saying right?

Well it's funny. As I said earlier I had my list of HUGE prayer requests before God and even though I didn't go about it right, I am so thankful that God saw my heart and He answered anyway.
Back in December God was preparing my heart to give more financially.
I prayed about it, and set in mind an additional amount to give above what we are already doing. 
Can you believe as soon as we gave that amount God came and blessed up with exactly 10x's more than that?? I was blown away.

Another thing....I give monthly to a specific organization and I was considering stopping that donation to give elsewhere and the Holy Spirit stopped me in my tracks and reminded me that I was not to do that. As a Christian, it is my duty to give. It is our responsibility to hold up and support the kingdom of God. I never felt so strongly about that before.
We are supposed to give out of obedience not to get more.
The 'getting' sure does come though.
God doesn't hold back His best from us. 
Learning to give. 
Leaning on God to provide. 
Having the passion even though I can't see the "rewards" can be scary but rest assured because God will always bless us in an unexpected way.

Praying every spiritual blessing over everyone who reads this today.
Draw closer to God and watch Him draw closer to you.



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