About Me[lissa]

HELLO there! Welcome to my corner of the BLOGOSPHERE! 

My name is Melissa Ivette but my family calls me Esha [pronounced ee-sha!] I started this blog as a way to inspire my world to greatness! It's my creative outlet. I am a woman with many passions but, God is my number one passion. I couldn't live without Him! He is my inspiration and the very reason I live & breathe. My heart literally beats to the sound of His voice. I love to talk about God and if you leave it up to me I would all day! 

I sing! I write! I am an obsessive photo-taker! I D.I.Y! I scrapbook! I love to eat! Music is the language I speak most fluently! I love to talk about God's AMAZINGNESS! I love to see others laugh uncontrollably! I write as a form of worship and I live to laugh. I love my family, especially my husband & our baby girl! I love to be inspired by life, clothes, [SHOES!!], music & the beauty God places here for us to enjoy! I want to change my world, Walk Fearlessly & honor my God..He holds my Heart! 

In June of 2014 I began an amazing journey as a fitness coach. I inspire those around me to be better, healthier, stronger versions of themselves. I am committed to #EndTheTrend of obesity. If you want to join me let's chat about that. Or follow along on my coach page here 
I'm loving the journey to physical & financial fitness. One of my goals is to become my husband's 'sugar momma.' He would be so proud if I could make more money than him!! Anyhow, this blog is just about ALL the exciting randomness in my life and I want to share it all with you! Be blessed by this website and let me know what you think of it!

 Follow my journey & join me. Happy Reading! I hope you find it LOVELY around here!

Learn more about me here: A to Z about me!


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