the Hubs & Wifey

I'm a pretty Lucky girl..[BLESSED actually]...I married the man of my dreams on
March 29, 2008!
I wouldn't change a thing. I met David at my home church in Orlando, Fl.  I was only 15 and he was 13...hahaha! Yup, he is younger but who cares...He's amazing!
God definitely knew what He was doing and I am so thankful for that.
My husband has truly been my best friend in the most difficult of times.
He has also been there to help celebrate the most glorious moments in my life.

When he asked me to marry him [on September 15, 2007] I was so excited to start my life with him.
He inspires me and supports me.....he has put me through grad school [WoooHooo!]
Our life is nothing short of adventurous and every minute I spend with him I fall more in LOVE! 

I call him "D-bo"
he calls me "M"
I call him "Hubs"
he calls me "Wifey"
I call him "Genius"
he calls me "Sugar Momma"
I call him "Fat Boy"
he calls me "Fat girl" haha!
XOXOXO...I love you baby!


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